Rain on, Denver.

It’s been quite the week so far.  And at only Wednesday, I’m not sure how much longer it will feel before it’s actually Friday evening and I can take a deep breath.

We have hired a new nanny to watch both B and my nephew.  I am sad to see our current nanny go and again have to deal with the “newness” of something else.  I am terrible with change — except for accepting B into our world.  He was a fairly easy transition.  The nanny situation is another story.  Leaving my most precious treasure with a complete stranger who is so different from me and from my mom and from my husband and from my mother-in-law is terrifying.  Knowing she’ll have the responsibility of not one but TWO infants is even more difficult to swallow.

In my ideal world, I wouldn’t even be talking about a nanny.  I would be staying home with Sweet B until he’s ready for school.  This is not an option right now, and thankfully, we can afford to do what we think is the next best thing for our babe, which is to put him in a nanny share situation with his cute little cousin.

And, you know, we got used to our first nanny, so I’m sure this will be the same — just transitioning.

It’s rained all night and has continued today perfectly reflecting my mood.  Savoring.  Quiet.  Thoughtful.

A few weeks ago we were at Queechy with B and he was able to play in the water, meet my people who are now his people, and breathe in the Berkshires and Columbia County–some of the prettiest landscape in the world.  I love the rain there.  Today, Denver feels like home.

B is two weeks away from being SIX MONTHS old.  We are floored at how fast the time has gone and how much more we love our boy every day.  He is smart and funny and has quite the charming personality.

B has accomplished:
- Tummy time
- Sitting in the Bumbo chair
- Grabbing glasses off faces
- Picking up toys and putting them directly in mouth
- Rolling over from front to back and from back to front

B is working on accomplishing:
- Napping in the crib
- Getting that first tooth to pop the bottom gums
- Sitting comfortably upright in the stroller
- Remembering how to sleep through the night (toughest on mom and dad)

Though we keep looking for houses to buy, we are snuggled in our apartment and feel happy and content most days.  The “search” continues!

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