Product 19. The best cereal ever.

This evening at work I was dreaming about what I was going to eat next, which is very much at the forefront of my mind lately.  I thought I’d love a hearty bowl of cereal.

I could only think of one cereal I wanted, and of course, it would be a challenge to find it.

Product 19.

I haven’t seen it in a grocery store for years so I was thrilled when after I Googled it, I noticed I can buy it by the case on Amazon.  Production has not stopped.

I said out loud at my desk I was determined to get my hands on Product 19.  My manager agreed that it’s one of the best cereals and she too hasn’t seen it for a while.  Another coworker said that I could go to the Kellogg’s website to see where certain products are sold in the area.  I immediately opened the site and found that Product 19 is available in two stores within 15 miles of my zip code.  One is very close.

I left work and headed straight there.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in the cereal aisle.

I asked a store manager what I should do and he got me a request card.  He said to fill it out and hand it to cashier when I was checking out and they would order the cereal for me.  Isn’t that fantastic?

Some lines on the request card needed special attention and I was unsure I was filling them out correctly.  UPC number? Ummmm.  Quantity?  I don’t know if a year’s supply is enough.  Product description?  Most awesome cereal ever.


When I got in line to check out, I realized the cashier and the bagger were boys, each about 14 years old, so I had a feeling I’d have to have the same store manager come over again to help with my questions.  I thought I’d give it a try with the cashier, however, before I panicked.  Perhaps he was an old soul and knew about this incredible, robust, flaky breakfast dream.

“What is it called?”  The cashier asked as he read what I had filled in on the card.

“It’s called Product 19.  It’s a cereal.”

“That sounds healthy,” the bagger said.

“It is.  It’s delicious.  It has eleven essential vitamins and minerals.  I want a whole lot of it.”

“Product 19!?  Oh my gosh, it’s like Special K but WAY better!” An older female cashier in the next lane piped up.

We continued our conversation about it for a while, the four of us.  My whippersnapper of a cashier continued checking my other items.  Among some fruit and a box of cream cheese and green tea I had three more boxes of cereal.  I felt I needed to say something about the obscene amount of cereal I was about to order on top of the few boxes coming down the rubber belt so I said, “Pregnant ladies love cereal.”

The young lad cashier looked at me and said, “Yeah, when my mom was pregnant, she said the same thing.”

That made me feel old.

I am consoled by the fact that in eight to 13 weeks I’ll have my Kellogg’s Product 19 to satisfy this early January craving.

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