Denver runs on Dunkin’

Well, not quite yet, but the former KFC on Broadway and East 4th is slated to open up as a Dunkin’ Donuts…soon.

Dunkin’ Donuts has a soft spot in my heart.  We didn’t have one in Kinderhook until after I was already living away from home, but there were plenty of DDs in Albany and Schenectady.  I remember associating fun Easter brunches and family baptisms with a box of Munchkins brought by my Uncle Bill–he’d never let me down.  I loved the blueberry cake donut holes.  I still do.  Glazed goodness.

Later, when I worked at Capital News 9, it was my Friday tradition to go through the drive through on Central Ave to get a Mocha Coolatta and a bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant.  Mmm.  And their iced coffee is the best.  I wonder if, in Denver, we’ll be able to order it “light and sweet”?

What a fun way to start summer!


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