A la votre! Wedding bands are in!

It gets more and more real and more and more…close.

Today for lunch I met C at our jeweler and we picked up these beauties.


Because Chris is a boy and he’s never worn a ring before, he’s petrified of “losing” it, so insisted we get one that “wasn’t very expensive” for him.  In fact, the ring cost the same amount as the engraving.  Score!

I thought I’d make it simple and get a ring that matched my engagement ring – a rocker cut white gold band that was simple – no extraneous diamonds.

Simple it was not.

Who knew the setting Chris purchased was custom-made by the jeweler?  For two weeks I was without my engagement ring so they could make a mold of it and figure out how to make a band from that mold.

Two weeks after that I was presented with a plastic ring to try on so they could ensure correct sizing.

Three weeks after that, the ring in white gold was done.  Voila!  It is stunning.

“Now for the easy part,” our jeweler said, “engraving!”

“Great!” we smiled at her.

“So what do you want it to say?” she asked.



“Oh shoot,” she said, “How do you spell that?”

So two months later, we got them back.

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.  - Song Of Solomon 6:3

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