13.1 for C!

I started writing a draft for this post on Friday after we had friends and family over to make fun posters for the day of C’s race…which went off Saturday morning…unfortunately without Chris.

There has been a lot of interest in Chris running this race.  It’s his first half marathon and he’s been training for 12 weeks with Christopher.  I asked Chris what he wanted for a carb-loaded dinner on Friday evening.  He requested his mom’s goulash.  So I did the best thing I could think of and had her come over and make it (she actually offered first–thank heavens.)  I have a hard time making other people’s recipes…and definitely don’t mess with someone’s mom’s recipe.

So on Friday night we had Christopher, S&P and Dale and Dianne over for goulash and poster-making.  It was a success!

Running1The posters were funny and loving and cheering.  Some were just for C and some were for any runner.  One of my races was really fun because there was this girl who held up a pink poster mile after mile (she was riding her bike along the course with the runners).  The poster said, “Your butt looks GREAT!”  I loved it!

I had visions in my mind of holding all these posters up for Chris along the course and giving him lots of extra boosts of energy!


Saturday morning came around and we were in good shape.  Running (pun intended) right on time.  We got in the car to pick up Christopher for 8 a.m. so we could get to the race by 8:30 in Golden.

I was driving west down 12th Avenue and I stopped at all the stop signs, and at all the red lights.  And then I stopped at the red light at Clarkson and in my head it was not a red light but a stop sign at a four-way intersection and there was no one driving north.  Except there was someone driving north.  And that car slammed into the front driver’s end of our car and it was…not pretty.



Of course, the first thing I did was burst into tears and freak out about what a terrible mother I’m going to be.  Luckily, no one was hurt and no air bags deployed and both cars were able to be moved out of the intersection.  In the hour it took a Denver police officer to arrive on scene, Christopher and S&P came to keep us company.  This was my first accident (with another car, if you’re picky about that and/or remember me in college).  The whole situation took a long time to resolve.  After we were done with the initial parts of taking care of an accident–getting ticketed, having cars towed, exchanging insurance information, giving reports, agreeing on what happened, we went out to breakfast.  I then spoke to the claims adjuster.  We drove over to the tow yard to give our permission to release the car to the insurance agency so they can start repairs on it this week.  After that, we wondered what on earth we should do, because our day was already a little off kilter.  We decided to shop for baby stuff.

When we got to The Right Start, Chris said, “I think you should call your OB, just to make sure they know you were in an accident this morning.”  I agreed that it was probably an important part of the story of this pregnancy so I called the doctor on call and she told me she was concerned that any sort of trauma could cause the placenta to remove from the uterine wall and in fact, cause the baby to be in distress without me knowing it.  That got us moving…

We ended up at the hospital for the rest of the day.  The baby’s heart was monitored and my blood was drawn and lots of tests were taken.  At 5:30 after watching several episodes of “Flip This House,” we got the good news that everything looked fine and that we were free to head back home.  We ate some leftover goulash and promptly went to bed.  As I was headed to dreamland, I said to Chris, “This day just did not go as planned.”  He said that was an understatement.

Sunday morning I took a walk with Katie and while we were rounding Cheesman Park, Chris shot me a text and said he was going to go for a run.  That run turned into Chris deciding to run a half-marathon all by himself!  When I got a second text from him he said he had four miles left!  When I realized he was doing this, I rushed to get some of the posters and set up shop at on the side of 12th Avenue to cheer him on as he finished.  I let Christopher know that Chris was running his own half-marathon and Christopher was just around the corner and stopped by to add to our cheering section!


Obviously, the weekend ended up just as it started on Friday night — wonderfully.  We’re so grateful no one was injured in the accident and I’m thrilled Chris had the gusto to run his race on his own a day late.  There’s no stopping him!

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