Yo. Homie.

I came across these awesome tee shirts on a Saturday afternoon at thehomet.com while I was wondering what was going on in Eastern Standard Time.

Feeling homesick or know someone who is?  Snatch one of these up and send a care package.

The best part about buying one or ten of these cute tees?  Part of proceeds go to Multiple Sclerosis research.

Be cute.  Do good.


That little period at the end of the “home” on this New York tee shirt is placed just about where I spent my formative years.

Colorado just looks like a big rectangle, unfortunately, thanks to its days as a U. S. territory.  This shirt may need some explanation to passersby if they’re unfamiliar with American geography.


The next tee probably doesn’t need a whole lot of ‘splainin.’  There are a lot of other countries to choose from too.  It’s fun to browse.




One thought on “Yo. Homie.

  1. We returned from FL earlier this wk. & I’m catching up on computer “news” on a snowy day in NYS.
    When I read your Impossible Pumpkin Pie blog, I realized I must have omitted the called for 11/2C. pumpkin from the recipe – glad it was good without it; it will be even better with it! Honestly, Bridget, only your “momma” or I could do that & then laugh @ our error.

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