Winter Visits Mile High.

We’ve had a very white wintry weekend and this morning it’s cold and partly cloudy.  Just perfect for sleeping in, wandering around the apartment in jammies while half-watching the Broncos on TV and dreaming of ski season.

Our organizing (or as C would call it, my crazed purging) continued this past week into yesterday.  We sold my desk and are now left with a blank wall in the guest room/office for a more functional desk/table.  We’re measuring and talking a lot about what would be best for that space.  We ordered two dining chairs from World Market that will serve as extra chairs at our table and when not in use will be perfect for a desk/table chair and extra chair in the office.  We were inspired to pick these particular chairs by S&P, our sister and brother-in-law, who purchased them last spring.  Currently, when we have more than a two people staying or eating with us, we borrow folding chairs from C’s mom.  Entertaining is about to get classier at our house!

Christopher came over for a visit yesterday morning while C was at the gym and we chatted for a bit before ultimately deciding to go out to breakfast.  He has an organization project lined up for us after the office is finished: the kitchen.  We’re going to tackle the “pantry” cupboards in our kitchen.  Christopher is convinced we can consolidate three food-hosting cupboards into one or one and a half.  I wasn’t totally sold until he opened the doors to reveal three separate containers of baking powder (one was opened, one is double-acting and the other is…old?)  Christopher’s advice was to take everything out of the cupboards and figure out exactly what we have.  He couldn’t help but comment on the amount of quinoa wrapped in a plastic bag next to our canned goods.  It really is a phenomenon.  The superfood comes out of the bulk dispensers at Whole Food with incredible gusto.  I think we paid something like $17 for five pounds of the stuff, which could feed a family of five for six months.  We need to get eating, which is where Christopher’s next challenge comes in.

We should eat out of the pantry exclusively until most everything is pared down and we can start from scratch (excluding spices, obvi).  We especially like this idea because it would be great to clean out the pantry and freezer before leaving town for a month over the holidays.

While I was inspired by homemaking, I was feeling snuggly over the winter weather and snow and found all the white and off white blankets and I could and dressed up our bed.

I try to do whatever I can to add femininity to the master bedroom.  Since the merge, our bedroom is mostly decorated with C’s furniture.  His bed frame and headboard is VERY masculine.  I like it, but it screams BACHELOR.  Lots of tufted leather screams that, don’t you think?

Duvet cover, IKEA.
Cotton coverlet, thrifted. Similar from The Company Store.
Chenille throw, thrifted. Similar from Target.




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