Where we belong…for now.

Last Wednesday ended up being quite the day for us and spoiler alert, we did not move forward with our contract on the ranch-y house in University.

There were a lot of factors that led to our decision and one in particular that stood out after inspection was over.

We are suddenly facing a second challenge in our marriage.

On Wednesday, Chris was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

I hate that word. cancer.  I won’t give it the satisfaction of an upper-case “c.”

But it is what it is and we have it and we’re facing it.

When Chris told me about the diagnosis, after the home inspection that evening, we decided not to move forward with the house and concentrate on Chris’s health and being well.  We don’t need to worry about mortgage payments or closing costs or hiring movers or being far from the comfort of our neighborhood, building and neighbors.


[from the rooftop of our building, April 2013]

We are meeting with C’s surgeon on Friday morning and will know more from there.  In the meantime, we’re thinking good thoughts and know that historically, though this cancer is rare, it is highly treatable and curable.

We are in good hands in our little bit of the world here in Denver.

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