Thankful for home and each other.

We were discharged from the hospital last night and are resting and relaxing this holiday at home.  Chris said the only thing he wishes he could have taken with him from the hospital is the bed.  Because he can’t sleep on his side or stomach due to the incision site for several more days he has to sleep propped up at about a 40-degree angle.  We’ve got pillow mania going on in the bedroom right now.  But I’m happy to report Chris is definitely on the mend and had a good night!

He’s still icing the incision (“more ice than no ice”) and keeping ahead of his pain with medication (“you can switch out the narcotic for a Tylenol if you like…”).

This morning I am thankful for our partnership.  It’s incredible what you find out about your mate when he or she is sick.  Chris is grace under pressure.  Even in pain, he remains loving and thoughtful.  He keeps saying, “thank you” after I fill up his glass of water or his ice pack.  He is an incredible patient.

I am thankful for the wonderful nurses we had during our short stay at Porter Adventist Hospital and for the hospital itself. Steph, Riana, Sam and Renee were the day nurses I saw the most of on the oncology surgical floor and Chris had two others at night, plus a very plucky respiratory therapist named Jerry!  Everyone was friendly and helpful — right down to the barista at the cafe.

It is a wonderful, comforting feeling to know how supported we are by friends and family.  We received many encouraging emails, calls and text messages.  We were visited by family and close friends in the hospital and know we’ll have more visitors at home in these next few weeks!

Our health continues to be on the top of my list for what I am most thankful for.  The “c” word is scary.  We’ll have full pathology reports back on Monday from the surgery, but so far, so good.  Several of the lymph nodes take out with Chris’s thyroid have tested negative for cancer and we’re crossing our fingers that the rest do too.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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