May Day.


I’ve figured it out.

April [snow] showers bring May [snow] showers.

It’s May 1 and Denver is covered in snow.  It continues to fall in big, juicy flakes.

C and I went to the Nuggets playoff game last night and celebrated by getting an ice cream cone at Sweet Action.

As we pulled the car into Cheesman Park, the first sprinkles of rain started falling and by this morning, the rooftops in our neighborhood were covered with a light dusting of snow.  Throughout the day, many inches have fallen (this is my official estimate from my seat by the window at work).

When we were little and living on Knollwood, I remember our next door neighbor, Hillary, who was also little, pulling the May Day trick.  For years, she’d walk up our front steps on May Day and leave a basket of marigolds outside the front door, knock and run away.  I don’t know if my momma ever caught her to give her a smooch, but I always thought that was fun.

I imagine even through snow, Hillary would have delivered her May Day treats.

Early spring snow.

I’m doing something right now I very rarely do in the mornings.  I’m taking a little time to “coast.”

Last week, Annie told me she got up early, made some coffee, then went back to bed with her mug and did some reading, perused Pinterest and relaxed a little while longer before actually getting on with her morning routine before work.  She said her grandfather called it “coasting,” and that’s exactly what it is. (And when you tell people about it, you need to spread your arms out like an airplane, so they understand exactly what you mean.)  You could coast for 10 minutes or for a whole day.  Today, I’m going to keep my coasting to maybe an hour and a half.

After a wild snowstorm hit Boston yesterday morning and M thought it best to fly out of town early, in order to guarantee she’d be able to ski Colorado by Saturday.  She arrived in Mile High around 7 p.m. and I’m so glad to have her.  We had a pint and pizza at our pub down the street and were tucked in by 11.  Overnight, I felt very hot and opened the window in our bedroom.  Though it’s VERY chilly now, it’s just right under the covers.  Everything looks white from here in bed.  The sky out the window and the walls.  Songbirds are chirping in the early morning white and the cold air smells like snow.

This weekend, as M and I make our way to the high country, the state expects another winter storm.  I welcome it.

Because I’m coasting and very relaxed, here are some photos from our weekend in the Fraser Valley a few weeks back.


Apres ski on Saturday we took a lovely drive through the valley.

FV_6 FV_5 FV_4 FV_3



We drove until the road ran out.


An evening snow in Capitol Hill.

By the time we got to Christopher’s apartment for the Downton Abbey Supper Club the snow was in full swing.

It was comforting to finally have snow in the city.  We’ve been waiting for it.

When we got home, our street looked like this.



Quiet.  Still.  Beautiful under the street lights.

I know it’s enough for tonight, but Mother Nature, please keep it coming!