What’s for breakfast?

Weekend mornings growing up we usually had some sort of fun breakfast my dad would make for us.  On Saturday, it was always French toast, pancakes, bacon or hot chocolate.

And after church on Sunday, if we didn’t have donuts or buttered rolls at church, we’d stop on Main Street in Valatie for six of the best fresh-glazed donuts I’ve EVER had in my whole life.  Or, we’d pick up some Freihofer’s powdered donuts from the grocery store.  My dad liked plain, my brother liked white powder, I liked cinnamon powder, and my mom liked tea…so it all worked out.  Donuts are easy to eat over the Sunday funnies.

FreihofersDonutsBut one Saturday morning, Michael and I woke up to a smell unlike the normal weekend smells coming from the kitchen.  It was almost exactly like…a dinner smell.  Occasionally, my dad liked to experiment.  Like the time he discovered the Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix Pancake recipe on the side of the box.  He made them with Crisco.  It is basically like having a heart attack for breakfast.  Truly delish!

But this particular Saturday morning, we stumbled down to the kitchen and saw a small cardboard box on the counter top.  In the oven under the broiler was our breakfast.

“What are we having?”  I asked.

“Well, something new,” my dad said.  ”It’s what people in Texas eat for breakfast.”

The timer went off and the meal was put on our plates next to glasses of orange juice.  We took a bite.

“Dad,” Michael started.  ”People in Texas eat garlic bread for breakfast?”

“I guess they do.  They call it toast.  Seconds?”

PepperidgeFarmTTTrue story.