She’s oh-so-London.

Blog reading is like opening a magic portal.  Reading one post leads you to another link, and another and then all of a sudden there are seventeen tabs open on your Google Chrome and oh sheesh, there goes the evening.

Yesterday, I found lizzystewartdiary through Cup of Jo.  This site is Lizzy Stewart’s life diary posted on Tumblr.

I love that she draws her days and nights and events.  I love that she lives in London.  And I love that she is trying everything out and learning how to be and grow and make it.  She’s the perfect character.




Oh, Lizzy.  Some of her entries just seem really, really familiar.

I remember eating salad mixed with macaroni and cheese for lunch and dinner for weeks after I figured out that no, indeed, I was not making enough money at the news desk to send my sheets and towels out for laundering.

[Stewart's really awesome professional work can be found here.]