C is back and better than ever!  We’re so happy to have our husband and Dad home with us.

It was ten days of different for me and my little sidekick, but we had great company while C was gone.  My dad and my brother flew to Denver from opposite coasts and we partied.  We were out and about and had a ton of fun!  B loved meeting his new people and getting used to a newborn seemed easy-peasy for both Dad and brother.  Each morning my brother was here, B and I had to wake him up by getting really close to him on his bed.  ”Hello.  Want to play, Uncle Miggy?”

B practiced taking a bottle from my dad and did well some days and not so well on other days.

It was a joy-filled time even without our C!

The other great news that comes out of C’s homecoming is that we met the nanny who will take care of Benjamin when I go back to work.  It was difficult to find the right person, and we hope she’s it.  I feel much more confident going back knowing that my darling boy will be looked after by a compassionate caregiver.

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