Last week’s color.

When I came into work last week, there was a gift was waiting for me at my desk.

Aren’t they beautiful?  When was the last time you got yourself some colored pencils…or someone gave you some to use for an afternoon?  When was the last time you colored or drew a picture?

My aunt always sends hand-drawn pictures and cards to me and C–so does my brother.  It’s the best!

C emailed some photos he had on his phone from a few weekends back.  We’d spent a Saturday afternoon on East Colfax looking for the perfect pinata for a party we hosted last weekend.  The store was SO full of color.  Candy, ribbons, posters and paint.


If I look squat, it’s because I’m wearing shoes that are too big for me.  They belong to the shop owner.  He said I could try them on.  Then he gave me a sombrero and encouraged C to take a photo of me.

I thought they may fit C better.



We’ve been on the search for a house to buy over the past few weeks.  We’ve seen quite a few older homes.   None we’ve seen so far have had a bathroom as sweet as this.  Hello  tropical teal!



And, yelllllooooow.  I love the cabinets in this kitchen.



I was lax and late in publishing this post.  I started writing it last Monday as all hell was breaking loose and then we were in the middle of a whole bunch of snow here in Denver.

But things are looking more colorful now and this post is again relavant.  After an exhausting week of work travel, I’m in my sweats on the sofa with a cup of tea.  We have our first race of the season on Sunday and it’s supposed to be in the 70s here in Mile High.  More soon!

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