Kitchen whimsy.

I’ve lived in a few bizarrely-shaped apartments with small kitchens — and oddly-shaped kitchens — and kitchens that were at one time fancy parlors in pretty brownstones on parks.  No matter your kitchen set up, there is always room for inspiration, and of course, a bit of whimsy.

As I continue to nest during these next few weeks leading up to the full 40, I can’t help but be warmed by photos of light funky food prep spaces.




How fun to put an ornate mirror above the range.  Never-you-mind the curious lobster art above the pot rack.  I could easily make myself at home in this space.



This kitchen reminds me of an old farmhouse in Columbia County.  I adore the square windows above the sink and counter.  White on white on white.



How charming to paint the inside of an otherwise all-white cabinet a bold color.  And that wallpaper!  Very, very sweet.  With all these colors on the flat surfaces, why not add a fun-colored stand mixer on your counter top too as industrial, functional art? Check out this shade from KitchenAid – Buttercup!



What captured my eye in this kitchen was the wire-ware garlic basket hanging on the hooks over the counter top.  My mom has one in her kitchen.  I believe it is from her grandmother’s kitchen.  It always has a few heads of garlic in it.  I’ve never seen another like it.  In this kitchen, it really adds to the primitive, simple nature — and I love it!

Keep the whimsy in your eat space!

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