Improv dinner.

We are eating down the pantry before our trip in December and it’s getting thin with choice.

We have run out of the following: cans of tomatoes, jars of tomato sauce, Annie’s Homegrown Shells and White Cheddar, good soups, Near East Rice.

Here’s what we have left: weird stuff.

Two years ago, Chris went on a work trip to Ohio and brought me a souvenir:  two cans of Skyline Chili.

I wasn’t sure whether to say “Thank you so much, new boyfriend,” or, “What the…?”

The cans have sat neglected in the cupboards of three different apartments now.

On Wednesday, I decided to see what it was all about.  I immediately shot a text to Rebecca, a native of Ohio, to ask her if what I had heard about the best way to enjoy Skyline was true – should I pour it over a bowl of spaghetti and shred cheddar cheese on top?

YES!  She wrote back.  If I wanted an authentic midwest experience, that’s the way I have to eat it.

But, since the pantry is a bit bare, I made it work with some angel hair pasta and mozzarella cheese.  Rebecca warned me before I tried the cheese–saying I may want to test it out first.  I did, and I was fine with the odd mixture of flavors.

It did the trick.  I was full.

The second can will be gone before we leave town.



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