Homeward bound.

After this most insane few weeks, a little country time is just what we need (and then some city time too.)  It’s time to catch up with family and friends and celebrate the wedding of my cousin!

It’s apple picking season in Columbia County and I’m looking forward to some crisp, pie, cider, doughnuts…

One fall a long time ago, when I was in elementary school, my mom wasn’t home when Michael and I got off the bus and we were locked out of the house.  We went to our neighbor’s home, where Mrs. Hatfield was making her boys an after-school snack.  She peeled and cut apples into slices and mixed them with cinnamon and sugar and served them to us in bowls.  THAT was the afternoon snack before dinner.  Michael and I were in heaven.  In our house we didn’t put sugar on apples (sweet enough) or cereal (except at our grandfather’s house).  We kept the crust on bread (the BEST part).  We ate the peels to everything.  So this was QUITE the treat.

I’m sure momma had to send us outside to swing or hang from trees in the woods when she got home to quell our sugar rush.

Look who’s waiting for me and C!  See ya soon, Glitter Kitty!


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