Hi me, it’s me.

Ever leave yourself messages on your work voice mail so you won’t forget a certain task or some brilliant idea you’ve come up with while you’re in the middle of something else?

I do this from time to time and I did it just last week.

But what happens when I hear my own voice mail clicking on — which is my intention (it would be unnerving if someone else answered my desk phone) — is that I’m unable to force myself out of leaving-a-message-for-someone-else-zone and leave a message complete with a greeting and closing.

After I heard my voice mail finish with the tone last week, I immediately said, “Hi Bridget, it’s Bridget!”  And then proceeded to leave an intricate message of why I needed to add something to the agenda for a meeting I was hosting today.  It actually was a pretty stellar idea, but I had to smile about it when I got back and pressed “1″ to hear it.  At the end of the message I was leaving for myself I said, “I hope when you get this, you’re having an awesome afternoon.  Love your dress!”

Maybe it isn’t the most bizarre thing in the world.  When your day is full of a lot of dreaded messages from customers or reminders from management, wouldn’t it be kind of great getting a message from yourself saying, “Lady…you look awesome!  Keep your chin up!”?

I highly recommend.

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