Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts.  They worked, and we’re so grateful.  Today C’s surgeon, Dr. Andrew Nemechek, met us with good news.

When the three of us got to the hospital (Sarah, C’s sister, joined us) we were seen nearly right away by Jessica, one of the nurses in the practice who took a brief history and vitals from C.  She said, “Dr. Nemechek will be in to see you in a moment.  Do you want any coffee, tea, juice, water?”  We all said no, thank you.  But, had I known we would be in the room with the surgeon for two hours, I would have asked for a double shot of espresso.

Our visit was refreshing, relieving, and we’re feeling much better.

It was as if there was no detail of C’s life that was insignificant to Dr. Nemechek.  We talked about where C grew up, where he went to college, how he exercises, what he eats, and what he knows right now of his family’s health history.  We mentioned that C has been training for a half marathon at the end of October and Dr. Nemechek said he thought that was fantastic.  He wants C to run it so he’ll be as fit as possible for surgery in November.  He wants us to go to the three weddings we are planning on traveling to this fall.

Next week, C will have a full neck ultrasound that will reveal any other issues we need to know about before surgery.  We’ve been encouraged to call Dr. Nemechek’s office with ANY questions or concerns.

As we were wrapping up, we were strongly encouraged to go out to lunch with each other and take a few deep breaths before C returned to work.

We are thankful.

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