Gifts for the Unregistered (or Under-registered) Couple

“Obviously, you cannot go wrong with pewter candlesticks.” — Momma

Traditionally, wedding registries are based on building up household goods for a couple as they merge lives.  China place settings with accoutrements, flatware and silver all used to be part of the game.

So often today, when couples get engaged, they’re not moving out of their childhood bedroom into a marriage.  Most have already had lives of their own – as single people living alone or with roommates or with each other.  Many traditionally-registered-for household goods (blenders, dishes and juice glasses) are already owned and “upgrading” (pushed heavily by department store wedding registries) is deemed unnecessary.

Some couples are opting out of registering all together and many are under-registered based on the amount of guests they plan on having to their wedding, or because the etiquette surrounding registering just can’t be pinned down (no matter what Macy’s says).

So for the modern Mister and Missus, or Mister and Mister or Missus and Missus, there is room to be creative, thoughtful and leave a lasting impression as guests on the honored couple’s  day.

These monogrammed Quinn Beaded Bath Accessories from Pottery Barn are charmers.  I am a particular fan of the medium and large canisters.  My future sister-in-law has one in her guest bathroom and it’s fitting and classic sitting on the counter top.  These canisters are perfect for bathroom accessories – soaps, cotton balls and swabs.  They’re also great for small decor, like polished stones or seashells.

This Hemstitched Linen Table Runner is available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma.  It is also available for monogramming, however, I would skip making it personal and let it speak for itself.  I think a runner is heads above a table cloth for many reasons, including the ease of ironing and statement it can make when placed across a simple wood table.  I love the natural linen color of this runner.  Something so neutral will compliment any bride and groom’s home.

When I first moved to Colorado I spent a few weeks living with my friends and sleeping in their step-son’s room.  The top and bottom bunks of the bed were blanketed in beautiful wool blankets from Pendleton.  I have been a huge fan since spending those cool mountain mornings under the warmth of those blankets.  The Stripe 5th Avenue Throw is perfect for the foot of a bed or the back of a sofa and neutral enough for any home.

The first Christmas I was in my very first apartment out of college, my aunt gave me a set of the Riedel “O” Cabernet and Chardonnay Glasses and I have used them probably once a week since then.  They’re casual enough for weekday dinner with your sweetheart and elegant enough for a holiday celebration with extended family and friends.  I particularly like this set of eight – four white and four red.


Last but certainly not least, pewter candlesticks.  Momma is correct.  These are elegant and timeless and are just a plain beautiful gift.  The Woodstock Pewter Candlestick, from Danforth in Middlebury, Vermont, will compliment holiday, anniversary and birthday dinners on a dining table for years to come.

Cheers to the lovely couple!



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