Firecracker Fourth and Pineapple Pie.

Our Independence Day that fell on a Wednesday was all around warm, lovely, and relaxing.

We spent Tuesday night in with N and L in Lone Tree and woke up to little baby whimpers next door in the nursery and a large gulp of coffee.

The Liberty Dash, much like last year, was blazing hot and dirt-road dusty and in direct sunlight most of the distance.  Not the most fun, but certainly satisfying at the finish.

We spent the afternoon into dusk with C and KS in Cheesman, under the trees, drinking beer and chattering in the damp heat that hung over the park.

C made the best fried chicken I’ve ever had (juicy, tender, salty!) as well as some kick bottom coleslaw (colorful and refreshing!)  KS and I brought pies.

It was a good day for friends.

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