Don’t look them in the eye.


I have been terrified of them since seeing this documentary on PBS.

They are VERY smart.  That’s what concerns me.  Did you know they’re the only bird known to RECOGNIZE HUMANS?  Like, they’ll be nesting in a tree outside your house and will see you in your kitchen, and know who you are.  They’ll recall your face.  They may even know your name and mobile phone number.  I’m not one to speculate.

As of this week, there are crows in our neighborhood.  ON OUR BLOCK.  HUNDREDS of them.  In fact, I’d be willing to say there is a murder of crows hanging out on our street.  They are swarming.

We were sitting in the living room yesterday evening, innocently watching girls’ Olympic gymnastics (go Jordyn Wieber!!) and I saw this rush of shadow in the sky outside our balcony.

C and I went outside to take a look.

Black wings and pointy beaks everywhere.


I averted my eyes as I snapped these photos to ensure my own safety.  There’s no telling, though.  I was still closer than I’ve ever been to more than just one crow.

Many landed on the building across the street.


See that one in the middle of the shot, looking in the opposite direction?  He sees our neighbor and is storing her face in his memory.  I’m sure of it.

I think this is witty.  It’s smart.  Like crows.




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