“‘Cause you got personality.”

That’s right, folks, B has personality!

It basically developed today after Daddy went to work.

We had a few visitors.  One was our friend Caroline.  Caroline is very pretty and very good at talking to babies.  B decided then and there he should insta-crush on her.  Sitting in Caroline’s lap, he gazed at her, mesmerized.  He could not stop smiling and gurgling. B is ALL ABOUT Caroline.  It is the most smile-y I’ve ever seen him!

Later this afternoon, we Skyped with my parents and he was absolutely thrilled.  He had loads of stories to tell them.  He babbled quite a bit and seemed to love listening to their voices and watching their faces.

Hello Nonnie!  Hello Poppa! You two are fabulous!  I’m excited to hang out this summer!  Me?  I’m well!  Slept a LOT of hours last night.  Did some tummy time while Mommy read “Everywhere Babies.”  Started sucking on my fists.  Graduated from muslin swaddles to sleep sacks this week.  You know…baby stuff.


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