Blizzards. A Necessity this Summer.

I’m not sure how this happened, but late this afternoon I had my fifth (or possibly sixth) Dairy Queen Blizzard of the summer.  This time, I ordered a LARGE.

It’s a lie that I don’t know how this happened.  I’m going to blame it on the incredible heat that continues this week in Colorado.  DQ Blizzards are the only thing I want to eat.  Chocolate soft serve ice cream with Oreo cookies.

On all DQ locations nowadays there is a sign on the entrance that says to notify the person taking your order of any sort of allergy affecting you.

I am allergic to peanuts and peanut oil and I do not mind telling it on the mountain.

When I was thirteen and on vacation in Cape Cod with my family I ordered a Blizzard (predictably chocolate ice cream with Oreo cookies) and brought it back with me to our rental house.  It was a rainy day and my brother and our friends had rented Back to the Future 2.  I’d seen the first in the series and Back to the Future 3, but never 2.  So I was excited.  That is, until the previews were rolling and I shoveled a scoop of Blizzard into my mouth and started chomping on an actual peanut.  A full on, little salted, most dangerous nut…in my supposedly only chocolate and Oreo cookies treat.  It had apparently flown into the mix while the person making the treat scooped in Oreo crumbles to the cup.

The night continued with me breaking out into hives and having to go to the emergency room.  I literally did not see Back to the Future 2 until college.  Lame!

There is a DQ location on Colorado Boulevard that really takes my allergy seriously and keeps me coming back.  The past five (or six) times I’ve been there, they’ve opened a new package of Oreo cookies and sanitized the equipment used to make the Blizzard.  I’m sure this is common practice at DQ, but I feel better about it at this particular location than I do at others–especially any on Cape Cod.

Thank you from the bottom of my tummy, DQ on Colorado Boulevard.  Yikes from my hips.

Summer is off to a super warm bang here in the west.  I’m hopeful this Blizzard obsession will stop soon and I’ll be able to substitute an extra-large glass of ice water for that sweet, soft serve dessert.


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