Biking the canal trail.

As Chris continues training for the half marathon (coming up in just a few weeks!) he’s found new and revisited places to run long distances in Denver.  He’s been wanting to take me on this trail.  And I’m so glad we went Sunday afternoon.

Can you believe this is Denver?  This is the High Line Canal Trail.


The trail was completed in 1883 as a way to get irrigation water to farms in the area.  It is now a National Landmark.  There are a decent amount of homes, open space, barns and horse farms that back up to the trail and lots of lovely trees.

Sunday was a gorgeous, crisp fall day.  We decided to ride cruisers rather than run.  Running hasn’t been my thing lately — ha!


We had to stop and take a few photos along the way.  Stunning sky.

Baby Stroh LOVED the long bike ride.  I felt quite a bit of kicking and rolling about in there.


Look at that beautiful color!

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