A wonderful Christmas!

GeorgetownLoop_2013We had a fantastic visit from my parents and Michael and Sarah for Christmas this year.  It was Michael’s idea to have the fam meet in Denver so Chris and I wouldn’t have to travel.  We are so grateful!

Unfortunately, there was a good amount of sickness in the house (who wasn’t sick this year over Christmas?) starting with me sporting a chest/sinus infection before Sarah arrived with her own sinus infection.  We all spent a good amount of time napping.  In fact, I spent the first four days my parents were visiting in bed.  Once my antibiotics kicked in, we were able to do some fun family activities.  We checked out Passport to Paris at the Denver Art Museum and rode the Georgetown Loop Railroad (see fun photo above!)

Even though my parents were here for ten days, it wasn’t enough time.  And Michael and Sarah were here for just four brief overnights!  Too short.

Sarah and Pete hosted a lovely Christmas Eve open house and on Christmas day after snoozing at home in the morning and noon mass, we went to Dianne and Dale’s for turkey sandwiches and games.  It was relaxing and a lot of fun!  On Friday, Christopher hosted my family for dinner at his house.  Lots of eating – lots of incredible food.


[Me, Baby Stroh and Dad at Chief Hosa]

Some highlights of the visit were making three huge pots of soup – sausage, french onion and vegetable – playing with the play-doh my mom made each of us, experimenting with vegan dishes (mmmm!) to accommodate my dad’s new diet and taking plenty of fresh air walks in Cheesman Park.

It’s hard to imagine that that next time we see my parents Baby Stroh will be here!

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