A Labor Day homecoming.

Being home over Labor Day weekend was a very good thing.  Fall was happening there and it was absolutely gorgeous.

I got that happy feeling I always used to get at the end of the summer in Columbia County.  School was about to start and our family had one last long weekend to celebrate by living it up at the lake and going to the fair.

I spent time with my parents on the boat napping and catching up.

And Micaela drove out from Boston and we cheered on the county fair together.  The fairgrounds looked a lot more crowded from when Chris and I celebrated our wedding reception just a few months ago.

There were cows and prize chickens, blue ribbon wool and lots of carnival rides.  Each day boasted amazing weather.  It was as much as my dad and the rest of the fair board could ask for, as great weather generally equals stellar attendance.

We took a drive down to Berkshire Pottery in Hillsdale and were driving back just as the sun hung low in the sky.

And I always come down with a mild case of homesickness after I get off the plane in Colorado.  I daydream of rolling fields of drying cornstalks and the evening autumn sun disappearing into the woods.

Then I snap out of it and settle back into life in Denver.  This past weekend I spent Friday night with girlfriends writing at a coffeehouse.  On Saturday, C and I rode bikes all over Congress Park, we tried out a new church, tested some sleeping bags at REI and then had dinner at My Brother’s Bar.  This morning we had brunch with C’s mom and her husband and then went to H Mart.

It’s good here.  Very good.

The leaves are just starting to turn in the mountains and Aspen is right on track to turn in the next two weeks.  From a thirsty deep green to orange and yellow.

And we’re lucky to be going back to Columbia County in two weeks for my cousin’s wedding to experience a little more of that beautiful fall.

Three cheers!

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