36 Weeks. Chunk-a-monk baby.

And here we go.  One week until I’m considered full term.  Of course, I want this little babe to cook as long as he or she needs — preferably the full 40 weeks.  I have a LOT to do until we welcome Baby Stroh.

Today I had an ultrasound because two weeks ago, my doctor thought I may be measuring a bit small.  Today, that is not the case.  Baby is already around 6 lbs. 3 oz.  The technician made sure to mention both of her kids weren’t even that big at birth.  Yikes!

It is unbelievable how much the baby’s profile looks like Chris.  I almost cried when I saw that nose and those squeezable, kissable cheeks!

Tomorrow, our crib arrives.  It’s feeling very close!

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