Characters in a snowy two-step.

Traffic was slowed by last night’s storm.  I was at a crawl in my car at 8th and Sherman on my way to the highway when I noticed a man and woman at the bus stop two-stepping in the bright white snow.  In hats and gloves and scarves and coats, they made their way around the sidewalk floor.  The woman threw her head back with a wide-open laugh as the man held her close with a pleased smile on his face.

Strangers?  Lovers?

I met for wine with my writer friend Tuesday night.  She was asking me what motherhood was like.  ”I mean, how much time do you get to write?”  I had to think about it for a second.  When was the last time I even had time to read?  Now that I am more comfortable with my role, being mommy, I feel like I have time to SLEEP again.  Order of priority: sleep, eat, read, write.  One or two or all have suffered greatly this year.

I have missed finding characters at bus stops.